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Skate park updates

Looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Riverslide Skate Park parties are a fun focused introduction to skate parks and how they work. Aimed at beginners the program is adaptable to suite a variety of ages and for all skill levels. We provide a one hour lesson for a group of up to 24 kids with friendly and professional instructors.

Your child and their friends will have a blast learning to ride, and Riverslide accommodates for all different skill levels so no one will be left out.

The program is available for skateboard and scooter.

What’s included:

* One hour lesson

* Marquee

* Tables and Chairs

* Skateboards or Scooters

* Safety Equipment

* Invite template


$19.85 per child (min 7 children per party)

Additional Costs:

Portable BBQ & Gas Bottle ($5.50)

Wet Weather:

In the interest of participant safety and in the event of extreme weather conditions, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel an event or program at short notice.


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