Riverslide skateboard shop is a short walk from the Melbourne CBD and stocks a range of high-quality skateboards, decks, hardware, and safety equipment. Our store is run by dedicated skateboarders and coaches who are part of the skateboarding community and have extensive knowledge and experience with gear and supporting skaters to progress. 

We stock some of the top skateboard brands including:

  • ACE;
  • Anti Hero;
  • Baker;
  • Bones;
  • Birdhouse;
  • Deathwish;
  • Hoddle;
  • Independent;
  • Krooked;
  • Modus;
  • Pass~Port;
  • Real;
  • Polar;
  • Quasi;
  • Spitfire;
  • Thunder;
  • Venture.

Visit Riverside skate shop, conveniently located in Alexandra Gardens, close to Flinders Street Station and trams. Or get in contact if you have any questions about skateboard products.


For beginners, our friendly staff will help you choose a pre-built, complete skateboard or help you create one that suits you. For more advanced skateboarders, we have the right decks, wheels, accessories and equipment to customise your board and improve your skateboarding experience.

Whether you’re wanting to improve your park skating or street skating, or you’re looking for a beginner skateboard, we can help you get the right set up. After a lightweight skateboard deck for weaving through crowds? Or a cruiser skateboard for commuting around? Want advice on which skateboard trucks and wheels will give you that edge? Come down and talk to us.

Riverslide Skateboard Shop